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Towleroad Gay News
Sun May 9 09:07:30 2021 GMT

Since Anita Bryant The Right Has Continued to Demonize LGBTQ People To Rally The Base With Fake Fears of Recruiting, Adoption, Marriage, and Trans People
demonizeA rally at the Alabama Statehouse on March 30, 2021, to draw attention to and protest anti-transgender legislation introduced in Alabama. Julie Bennett/Getty Images On April 6, 2021, despite Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto, Arkansas became the first state to prohibit physicians from providing gender-affirming medical care like hormone treatments designed to delay puberty in […]
U.S. proposal would crack down on anonymous ‘ghost guns’
ghost guns  Published by Reuters   By Jan Wolfe WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department on Friday released a proposed rule that would crack down on self-assembled “ghost guns,” a measure promised by the White House last month as part of a larger effort to curb mass shootings and community bloodshed. The Justice Department issued […]
First San Francisco Lesbian Landmark; Home of First Same-Sex Married Couple Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin Classified City Landmark
San Francisco lesbianThe San Francisco home shared by the city’s first same-sex couple to marry, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, is set to become a protected landmark, preserving the LGBTQ history it housed for the past 65 years. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to make the late couple’s […]
Texas Democrat Revives Anti-Trans Sports Bill ‘as a Consequence’ of His Own Bill Being Blocked
Texas democratA bill preventing trans student-athletes from competing on teams as their assigned gender found new life in the Texas state House Friday morning when Democrat Rep. Harold Dutton revived the bill seemingly as a retaliatory measure against members of his own party. According to the Texas Tribune, Dutton brought the bill, Senate Bill 29, up […]
FLASH: Federal Grand Jury Indicts George Floyd 4 Cops. Former Officers Charged With Violating Floyd’s Civil Rights.
  Published by Reuters   (Reuters) – A federal grand jury on Friday indicted four ex-police officers involved in the arrest and death of George Floyd on charges they violated Floyd’s civil rights while carrying out the arrest in May last year, according to court documents. (Reporting by Gabriella Borter in Washington and Maria Caspani […]
Golden Globes, Called Out By Hosts of Its Awards Show, Make Public Display of Diversity, Ethics Changes
golden globes  Published by Reuters   LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group that hands out the annual Golden Globe awards for television and film, on Thursday approved widespread changes designed to diversify its ranks and address ethics complaints. Steps include hiring a chief diversity officer, emphasizing recruitment of […]
Stranger Things 4; Lil Nas X; Rainbow Capitalism; Apex Legends; Will Smith’s Dad Bod; Arm Wrestling; Edith Surreal; Adele; EFFY: HOT LINKS
Stranger Things 4 Hot LinksLil Nas X: It ‘Feels Good to Prove People Wrong The cover star of Entertainment Weekly‘s Pride issue delves into the personal story of his latest smash hit Montero (Call Me By your Name) and normalizing gay identities within hip hop. Here’s a Tense Taste of Stranger Things 4 JustJared breaks down the creepy teaser […]
Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Block Resolution Honoring Gay Country Musician TJ Osborne
TJ OsborneRepublican lawmakers in Tennessee are drawing criticism after blocking a resolution honoring out gay country music singer TJ Osborne in the state’s House of Representatives. A group of GOP legislators led by state Rep. Jeremy Faison referred the measure, which passed in the House by a 63-23 margin, to a committee Monday, citing that he […]
Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to be ‘Openly Bi’ in Deadpool 3 and Beyond
Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds brought all of the foul-mouthed debauchery and heart of beloved Marvel Comics antihero Deadpool to the silver screen in recent years. But, with filming on the forthcoming Deadpool 3 on the horizon, Reynolds is reportedly pushing for the inclusion of a key aspect of Deadpool’s character that was omitted from the first two […]
Don’t Stop at The Early Raves For MDMA’s Impact on PTSD. Ecstasy is Promising Therapy but Not A Magic Bullet
mdmaProductions/Getty ImagesAr PTSD is typically treated with therapy and sometimes medications, under the care of a psychiatrist. SDI Productions/Getty Images Recent clinical trials, including one soon to be published in Nature Medicine, have suggested that MDMA combined with psychotherapy may help treat post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. The news generated considerable optimism and excitement in […]
Beyonce ‘Wannabe’, Told Victoria Beckham the Spice Girls ‘inspired me and made me want to do what i do and made me proud to be a girl’
wannabe  Published by BANG Showbiz   Victoria Beckham says Beyoncé told her the Spice Girls “inspired” her. Posh Spice has recalled meeting the ‘Crazy in Love’ hitmaker “a few years ago” and her telling her how much the ‘Wannabe’ group made her “proud” to be female and be in a girl band. The 47-year-old fashion […]
Ayanna Pressley Joins Calls for Investigation into Black LGBTQ Teen Mikayla Miller’s Death; Mother Alleges She was ‘Murdered’
Mikayla MillerMultiple voices, including U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley, are calling for an independent investigation into the death of Black LGBTQ teen Mikayla Miller in suburban Boston after her mother, Calvina Strothers, alleged that law enforcement investigating the case have withheld information and haven’t fully investigated the events that led to Miller being, as Strothers puts it, […]
Trans Community Responds to Caitlyn Jenner Trans Sports Comments; ‘Caitlyn Jenner is Anti-Trans’
caitlyn jenner transCalifornia gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner has drawn heavy criticism from fellow trans figures since publicly stating her position that trans girls’ participation in sports as their identified gender “isn’t fair.” Speaking to TMZ in an impromptu interview Saturday, Jenner spoke on the issue for the first time since announcing her campaign for governor last month. […]
Michael Henry Keeps His Shirt on at a West Hollywood Pool Party. Would You? WATCH
Michael Henry's "How do I look?"Michael Henry, known for his comedic videos that offer commentary about gay issues, recently released a new video, “How do I look?” that explores body image issues gay men experience. In the wordless video, Henry hangs out with his friends at a pool party. As his toned, muscled friends splash around and enjoy the day, […]
Internet Reacts as Trump Facebook Ban Is Upheld
The Facebook Oversight Board, the $130 million independent group created to be the final word on moderation decisions on the social media platform, has upheld a decision to ban former President Donald Trump, with some caveats. The ban started on January 7 in response to Trump’s inflammatory and dangerous video posted to his page during […]
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