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Chubs.PersonalMale Newsletter

March 11, 2021
Dear members,

The past 13 month have been very strange and difficult. There is as light at the end of the tunnel.

More and more members have added to their descriptions the dates of their vaccines. Since more and more of us have started getting vaccines and some having finished the regiment we have added a place to post your dates of your vaccines.

To do this just login and click the MY tab and them Profile links. There you will find a link Vaccinations. This link provides fields to enter your information.

This is completely voluntary but it adds to the realization that we are returning to a sense of life goes on. This is information only. I would not recommend sharing photos of your CDC card or equivalent. Our goal is to assist in this first steps towards returning to contact with each other.

Todd and I have both had our first shots and will soon have the second shot for the regiments we are taking. It may not be time to go wild but it is time to begin living our lives and exploring our common interests.

Thank you. Bill and Todd
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