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Big Gay Dad near Newcastle
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BigGayDad Male 57 Gay Smooth Boy
Big Gay Dad in the Newcastle region. Enjoy having quiet nights at home (not a party animal), rainy days in a coffee shop with a good read ( not a pub-crawler ), a day at the cinema, ( wont find me on the dance floor ), having an intimate embrace ( Not into anything over a long distance) and romantic walks on the beach ( Ok, I probabaly went too far with that one, but not into the casual or one-night stuff ) OK, lets talk about the elephant in the room, ( I am not saying I am an elephant), but am around 150 kilos but I am working with a range of professionals to do somethiong about it and I am losing and want to keep losing. Having someone to inspire me would be a great help of course. I work in IT (Yawn.. another one) but at this stage I am comfortable where I am with my career but not afraid to seek a new challenge. Happy to talk to anyone, but much prefer it of you are at leas in Australia.. :)
Newcastle Australia

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