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gwhite gwhite 53 Ocala Florida
Speedbag-Boy Speedbag-Boy 23 Guanajuato Mexico
Paddle_Me Paddle_Me 67 Redding California
dirtymind020 dirtymind020 34 Amsterdam Netherlands
LennyB LennyB 58 TITUSVILLE Florida
BennyD1021 BennyD1021 22 Concord California
shygo shygo 66 Orange Park Florida
humblejohn humblejohn 34 Accra Ghana
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gwhite gwhite 53 Ocala Florida
ChuckStewart ChuckStewart 69 Los Angeles California
dadneeds1son dadneeds1son 70 Evanston Wyoming
Alb941 Alb941 24 RUSKIN Florida
chicagodad4son chicagodad4son 52 Chicago Illinois
naughtymannc naughtymannc 56 Greensboro North Carolina
RealTravelingDAD RealTravelingDAD 60 Fort Lauderd Florida
a0320 a0320 49 Barcelona Spain




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den 2 wks ago Spankings by hand, paddle, brush, belt, cane needed.
alexinarlington 15 wks ago Looking for very dominant daddy to make me his cock toy!
eastncdad 22 wks ago Anyone in eastern NC?
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